Face Lift

The process of aging, the effects of gravity and the sun, smoking and stress all show on ones face. The lines of the face become more pronounced, the fat in the face sags and the skin of the neck hangs. A facelift helps correct these changes and make a person appear younger and more refreshed. I do this procedure for men and women usually in their forties and fifties.

The Consultation

During the initial consultation we need to review all of your medical problems, past surgeries and medications. It is very important that I understand exactly what you wish to gain from the procedure. I will evaluate the tone of your facial skin, fat deposits and your neck. I will indicate to you where incisions will be placed and give you an idea of what to expect. It is important for you to understand that you must stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure.

The Procedure

A facelift usually requires an incision in front of and behind the ear going into the posterior scalp. This allows most of the scars to be hidden in the hair or behind the ears. The excess skin is excised and the underlying muscle and fatty tissue is mobilized upwards. Occasionally excess fatty tissue is excised or liposuctioned. A separate incision is sometimes needed beneath the chin to tighten muscle or remove fat in this area. A large head wrap is placed after the procedure to help control swelling. The procedure is usually done under a general anesthesia as an outpatient surgery. The length of the procedure varies but usually last 4-5 hours.

The Recovery

I usually will see you the day after the surgery to check the healing. The bulky dressing is removed and the skin examined. Occasionally a supportive chinstrap is worn for about 3 weeks. The sutures in front of the ear are usually removed in about 4 days and the rest of the sutures in about 1 week. The swelling is usually the worst after 1-2 days and gradually goes away. Keeping your head elevated for the first couple of days helps keep the swelling down. Most swelling and bruising is gone after about 2 weeks.

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